Review your Deity/God/Goddess/Those one worships.

For general magical topics not directly related to being kin.
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Review your Deity/God/Goddess/Those one worships.

Post by Revenant »

Fun prompt idea I got inspired by some researching one day and found a hilarious yelp-like review on a being I was searching for.

Review your Deity/God/Goddess like you would like on a review site like yelp.

Example from screenshot that inspired it;

(Linking image because adding image didn't seem to work (?))
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Re: Review your Deity/God/Goddess/Those one worships.

Post by desire »

I was moved really quickly up in the company, but take that with a grain of salt considering I'm his "son". He likes to give contradictory orders because he thinks its funny. Also he WILL cut you if you aren't careful, so make sure he isn't hiding a hand behind his back with a surprise knife! Don't worry if he gets you though, it's inevitable. He has a very bright personality, loves company picnics, and cryptic messages. Thanks "dad"!
I'm the hand of God
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Re: Review your Deity/God/Goddess/Those one worships.

Post by LobotomyCorp »

great guy. absolutely amazing at making SURE you do your work, even if it means literally kicking your ass into next week. gets results because you do nOT WANNA SEE HIM WHEN YUO DONT FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. sometimes wish he'd wear somethin other than a black suit but I wouldn't dare question his fashion choiced. pretty sure this is a one-employee job tho but the good news is I get a l l the benefits.
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