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What's up?

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Heyyo! I'm known as Khadaij, nice to meet you. Also go by Khad by friends.

Wild being on a forum once again, been centuries. Anyhow-

I'm a alien parasitic creature with some other qualities added, mainly spiritual fictionkind with a hint of other flavor types.
I am within a system which the census of our unofficial name at the moment being The Stereo System; we are not too big on names but having one makes it feel like we got our stuff together.
We will probably be doing -name sign offs on posts when any one of us writes.

Mundane stuff; I am into art, more so digital art, playing way too many video games while dabbling in making them, I enjoy manga and anime from time to time, a big enjoyer of music especially the kind that will melt my ears off from pure static and bass; just imagine a dying computer on fire and that is basically what I am into with other varieties not like that.

Pronouns are He/him and that goes for a lot of this system as well, they/them works fine as well.
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