What is your questioning process? (Prompt)

Questioning something? Going through an awakening? Talk about it here, and feel free to talk about questioning and awakening you've been through in the past.
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What is your questioning process? (Prompt)

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Curious to see what other's questioning processes are like for figuring all of everything out! Is there a set of questions asked, rituals done, or whatever else that helps you come to conclusions?
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Re: What is your questioning process? (Prompt)

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Ayyyy I like talking about this so I figure I'll answer. I have a few questions I typically ask myself to kickstart the questioning process.

1. Does this world's setting seem familiar in a way I can't quite place?
2. Do I have feelings towards other characters that feel irrational?
3. Do I feel attuned to certain qualities of this character?

If I answer 'yes' to all three of these questions, then I will begin investigating the source. I dig up tons of wiki articles and tv tropes pages and just read for hours. I'm very cautious when it comes to new kintypes, so I've only ever confirmed 3 sources using my method, but the ones I have confirmed have been life-altering.
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