intro time

Introduce yourself here!
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intro time

Post by propheta »

hii! i collect names, but i usually introduce myself as El these days. you can also call me as my kintypes!

i've been lurking around fictionkin communities ever since i awakened back around 2019. i was pretty much raised on forums, and seeing this was like getting blasted straight back to 2010 (in a good way), so i appreciate that!!

i am aether (genshin impact) and eli (identity v), among others that i don't talk about publicly as often. i've been wandering around the multiverse for a pretty long time, so i've been here and there!

thank you for having me :>
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Re: intro time

Post by ink_filled_stars »

Hi there!! :D
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Re: intro time

Post by Mari »

Nice to meet you!!!
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