Remembering your own face (prompt)

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Remembering your own face (prompt)

Post by DoctorCorby »

How well do you remember what your face looked like as your kintype? Can you describe it? What’s different or the same about how you remember versus how it’s portrayed in canon?
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Re: Remembering your own face (prompt)

Post by Dream.Search »

Can't exactly picture my face then, though in all honesty cant picture it in this life either... But as Hajime I do remember having longer hair than shown in the game/anime. Not too much longer, at most shoulder length. Everytime I see how cannon Hajime looks it shocks me with how short my hair is though.
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Re: Remembering your own face (prompt)

Post by sunshine »

Reason: Well I lost the first two paragraphs due to the page reloading so let's try this again.

I could barely tell you what my face looks like in this life. I could tell you some key features logically, but I can't picture my whole face.

The only life I can really picture my face in is Asgore (there's got to be a better way to rewrite that sentence). My head was a lot more dog shaped than goat shaped. Think golden retriever snout with longer fur. Blonde around the edges and white in the center. As I got older I wrinkled similarly to a Sharpay. I had one orange eye, and one blue eye. Long sharp teeth. Long ears like in canon. Horns that rose up and curved towards the back of my head, same texture as a goat's.

The next life I can somewhat describe to you how my face looked would be Kevin. Though it's also loose facts rather than a picture. I know key descriptors because of what happened to me. My eyes were missing and replaced with solid black "eyes" that housed cameras. My mouth was pulled back with bars into a "smile" similarly to a claw gag. Other than that I can't tell you much. I had a deep fear of mirrors, a shit load of brainwashing, and was possessed by an angel (Desire) for a good portion of that life. So. I looked?

As for V and Aoba, I can't tell you much either. Again, I looked? I could tell you that as V I consistently dyed my hair, even after I was blinded.
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Re: Remembering your own face (prompt)

Post by lunarflare »

I think this is an especially interesting thing to consider when the majority of your source material is live action. There's already a real face that most people would associate with you. In my personal experience, the best way I can describe it is like when an actor portrays a real life celeb or historical figure in a film, but you can tell its the actor and not the real person in question. They look similar cause of good casting and great makeup and styling, but its never quite the same. But on the plus side, it does help me to remember how I looked in my canons because I have a good frame of reference and starting point!
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