Thoughts on Soulbonds vs Kintypes

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Thoughts on Soulbonds vs Kintypes

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Okay, so here's my take, and I recognize that people have different experiences and expectations and that's okay, but, in general:

A kintype is someone you are. Its your identity/part of your identity. If I'm for example, Mickey Mouse kin/have a Mickey Mouse kintype that means that I experience being/having been Mickey Mouse in the same way I experience being/having been an art major or being/having been 10 years old.

A soulbond is someone apart from you that you have a personal relationship with. If I have a Mickey Mouse soulbond it means that Mickey Mouse is someone separate from me who shares mental/emotional space with me. I do not experience being Mickey Mouse, even if he shares my body and exists in my mental space, we're separate people.

If I have a kin shift that is still me experiencing and acting as myself, even if I'm experiencing and acting more closely to one of my kintypes at the time.

If I switch out with a soulbond, that's not me acting and experiencing any more, that's my soulbond experiencing and acting through using my body.

Someone could theoretically have a kintype and ALSO a soulbond of the same character, but they, the soulbonder and the soulbond, would still be different people who were iterations of the same character. Like alternate universe versions for instance.
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